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Below Are Some Resources for Families of Substance Users


Family Resource Center: The Parents’ Translational Research Center at the Treatment Research Institute developed this website because there is a lot of conflicting information out there about adolescent substance use. The Family Resource Center is a directory of resources that are backed by various degrees of scientific support and that come from the most notable, national sources. By organizing and vetting these quality resources, we hope to relieve families of the burden of sorting and evaluating information themselves. This is a place to start getting informed about how to prevent drug or alcohol use, intervene early, find treatment and support adolescents in addiction recovery. It also provides insight on how you can help YOURSELF during this time.

Parent CRAFT – Cadence Online: is an online video-based course that gives parents the tools and skills they need to meet the challenges of caring for a child with problematic substance use.  Parent CRAFT is based on the proven Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) method, and helps parents to learn how to communicate more effectively with their children, better understand why their child may be using substances, how to use positive reinforcement to reward their child’s engagement in sober activities, strategies for withdrawing attention when their child is using substances.

The Support Group Project provides support groups the opportunity to register their programs – building together a strong community of support that lets parents and families sort through local programs in their area to find one that most fits their needs.

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