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Dr. Bethany Raiff’s Research Team

Graduate Students

Connor Burrows, B.S.

Connor is a second year graduate student in the Health and Behavior Integrative Treatments (HABIT) Lab at Rowan University. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. His research interests include the application of behavioral interventions to a variety of health behaviors, such as smoking cessation and physical activity. Connor has clinical experience working with individuals suffering from acquired brain injury and psychiatric disorders. Connor’s clinical interests include the application and integration of behavioral interventions into medical settings and the clinical applicability of behavioral economic measures.

Matthew Dwyer, M.S.

Matt is a second year graduate student in the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology program. He received his Master’s in Clinical Behavioral Psychology from Eastern Michigan University, with coursework in both clinical psychology and applied behavior analysis. His research interests include using behavioral economics to study decision making in drug use.

Caitlyn Upton, M.S.

Caitlyn is a first year graduate student in the PhD in Clinical Psychology program. She received her master’s degree in Clinical Behavioral Psychology at Eastern Michigan University. Caitlyn’s interests broadly include the application of behavioral principles and interventions in substance use, mental health care and integrated healthcare settings. Her clinical experiences include work in an acute psychiatric hospital and day programs, both of which offered services for a wide range of disorders.