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Learn More About ABA

What is ABA?: ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis which is the practice of applying behavioral interventions from Skinner’s Operant Conditioning and Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning to modify behavior.

Contingency Management : Contingency management is an operant conditioning procedure which involves providing monetary reinforcement contingent upon completion or abstinence of/from a target behavior. This procedure is typically applied in the field of addictions.

Operant Conditioning : the basic process by which operant learning occurs; consequences (stimulus changes immediately following responses) result in an increased (reinforcement) or decreased (punishment) frequency of the same type of behavior under similar motivational and environmental conditions in the future

Classical Conditioning: a stimulus – stimulus pairing procedure in which a neutral stimulus (NS) is presented with an unconditional stimulus (US) until the neutral stimulus becomes a conditioned stimulus that elicits the conditioned response (also called classical or Pavlovian conditioning) Respondent Extinction.