Camden Health Research Initiative Grants

These grants are designed to encourage collaborations between Rowan University faculty researchers and institutions in Camden, New Jersey. The intent is to help revitalize Camden while laying the foundation for collaborative research.

  • CM + MOUD: Increasing adherence with medications for opioid use disorder: In this study we are exploring the feasibility of increasing maintenance for individuals in prescribed medications for opioid use disorder at Cooper University Hospital, in the Center for Healing. Participants receive financial incentives when they attend their scheduled clinic appointments and demonstrate abstinence from illicit opioids, as well as compliance with medications for opioid use disorder (i.e., buprenorphine). This is one of several ongoing projects in collaboration with physicians and researchers at Cooper University Hospital (Drs. Matthew Salzman, Rachal Haroz, Ms. Valerie Ganetsky, Ms. Jessica Heil).
  • CM + ACT: Mobile smoking cessation intervention among individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia spectrum disorder: In this study we adapted an existing mobile version of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for smoking cessation, originally developed by Jonathan Bricker and Jaimmee Heffner’s team at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, to use with patients diagnosed with schizophrenia spectrum disorder who are interested in quitting. We are now recruiting participants to test out the intervention that will also involve providing financial incentives for initiation of smoking abstinence and see how well the combined intervention does at promoting sustained smoking abstinence.
  • Project VAPE: Exploring vaping dependence among three distinct patient populations: In collaboration with researchers in the School of Osteopathic Medicine and Department of Economics at Rowan University, this study seeks to gain a better understanding of nicotine vaping practices in three distinct populations: urban (Camden, NJ), rural (Stratfod, NJ), and a college student population (Rowan University, main campus in Glassboro, NJ).